it's here!

Finally. After I messed up the index files and cause Harald a ton of headaches, my new Bludomain website is here!

There's still some galleries to complete and images to upload, but for the most part, MY NEW WEBSITE IS COMPLETE! You may recognize a few images from the last website, but the best part of this new site? HUGE IMAGES, and easy navigation. I was always getting calls in how to direct people to the Online Galleries. Now, it's simple. Eveything is in one place, to the side. Definitely a plus for the "computer challenged" folks out there.

Be sure and check out Bludomain's BLOG and website. They do the BEST stuff for people like me. Seriously, if you are looking for a killer website and not just for photography, give them a call. You probably don't want to tell them you know me, because of my screw-up skills on web html, but hey? If if you live dangerously. HA!

And Harald? I know you don't have time to read this, but a BIG THANKS to you and your team there at Bludomain! Thanks for making my stuff look good.