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HA! I'm addicted to reality TV. Well, not really. I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy and ANTM. I love this show! My girls have caught an episode or two and we were goofing at Sea World on the cool blue bathroom wall. They had the best backdrops in this park! I so wish I could have taken an engagement session there. How fun would that be?

They were "working it". LOL

You do realize, as faithful BLOG readers, that I'm only sharing the personal stuff for the next few days. Yep. Have tons of work to catch up on and need to get things taken care of, behind the camera for a bit. (translation...computer editing and orders and album design) So, bear with me and all my "these are my girls aren't they cute" threads. LOL

On a side note, all the vacation shots were taken with a Canon 20 2.8 (thank you, Stephanie!). Various aperatures and shutters depending on how many beers I drank. Mostly P mode for "professional". (snickering)