alexa and brian

Alexa and Brian's e-session was great! They are such a cute, classic looking couple together. And they obviously feel very comfortable around each other. I love that!

We met at the Dallas Arboretum which was wonderful, but so cold!!! BRRRRR!!!! The wind off the lake was bone chilling and alexa in her cute little spaghetti strapped dress was such a trooper! (you too, Brian! Trooper, too! Go Brian! But you did have much less flesh exposed to the element, I might add.)

My 16-35 is in the shop, so I couldn't go as wide as I usually do, but I think this was a good thing though, because it forced me to get "uncomfortable" and find new ways to show our surroundings using gear in the bag. My old trusy 28-105 came out of the bag, was dusted off and did GREAT despite the recent years of non-use. Oh, and of course the 50 1.2, stayed on my 5d most of the time. I'm so loving this lens!

Here's some of my favorites from my quick trip to Dallas. My husband Devin said last night after I got home, "it's weird that you were gone and now you are here and you were in Dallas? Isn't that wierd, Kristin?"

Yeah, I guess it was. But I so love this kinda weird.

We found these great screens at the patio when you first walk in. I loved them! And it was a great place for them to get used to me and my "quirks of shooting". I went over the rules, and there aren't very many, and we started shooting.

I love this next photo! It's very classic and very "them". This place was perfect for that reason alone. Throw in some cool lines and some GREEN GRASS (I almost went into shock!) and you've got an excellent morning.

Happy Birthday, Alexa! How was the sushi? LOL