veronika + stephen (part 2)

What a day! I'm exhausted and really have no energy at all. Wiped. Toast. DONE with a capitol D. WHEW! But every bit of it was worth it to be a part of yesterday. Veronika and Stephen had a beatiful mass at St. Joseph Church in Slaton, yesterday. My home church. And the priest that married me 16 years ago, married her! So, funny. I went up to him and introduced myself and told him that he was our priest and he asked "your not mad at me, are you?" HA! Hmm...Am I?

We started a the salon and it was so nice for the girls to all be together and enjoy each other for a peaceful morning. And yes, we ran terribly late and did not even get to do the amount of pictures that I would have liked too, but you know? Looking through these today? What else could be added? They have tons of wonderful, joyful images. Which is just want you want to look back on and remember you day!

On to the images! This is just the sneak peek. Their full gallery will be available in just a bit at the link below.

Veronika + Stephen

Robyn and Meghan enjoying the morning. Robyn's hair, I swear took almost a full hour to put up. Maybe longer! Who knows? But turned out very cool and funky.

This is little Mary, the groom's neice. Such a total doll!

Veronika's gorgeous head piece!

So, many good hugs! The kind where you just hold on and enjoy each other. I love those kind of hugs!

Love this shot and all the HOT colors going on!

A moment before it all began. I love these moments!