veronika + stephen (part 1)

The rehearsal...

I'm supposed to be blogging about My Top 5 PICS, and I'm sure theres gils in that group that have their expectations UP way high for the photographer of the blog group, HA! But I'm sorry girls, it will have to wait. It's a working weekend for me and my week has just been a whirlwind of emotions! If you give me till Sunday afternoon, and after a pot or two of coffee, I will pop them out. I've got a great idea that I'm working on, and it relates to the emotional week I have had. So, hang tight and you will not be disapointed!

After my emotional week, it was good to work again. Last night was the rehearsal for Veronika and Stephen's wedding. Once my camera was up to my face, that dance I get into took over and just washed over me and renewed me!!! It was what I needed! I love it when God nudges you like that and you realize it was what you needed all along. Why do we resist?

My church, St. Joseph in Slaton. I was married here! In fact, Veronika baby sat for me and if my girls weren't busy this weekend, would actually be a part of this wedding. They are bummed, and instead, Veronika gets me. (smiles)

Veronika has been sick all week. Miserably sick. But Stephen and her are so good for each other. Just look at her face!

These three were so much fun!

Rehearsals are good. All the things you hadn't even thought about, concerning your day, they come up. All the sudden. And you have to think about them. And discuss them. HA!

Adorable Flower Girl, Cambry. She belongs to Connie Kitten who I got to see last night. They now live in Corpus Christi so it will be good catching up with their family.

This little guy probably just to told about the responsiblities of tomorrow. Look at this face!

Veronika figuring out her right hand.

We are going to have such a great time at the wedding! I'm so happy for them!