kim + craig

Kim, Kris, and Cheryl (my mom)
circa 1991

EGADS! I'm totally embarrassing myself here. Just check out that photo above. Oh, my GOSH! Could my hair be any bigger? This image was taken the weekend of my wedding. My family was in Lubbock for the first time and it had been ages since we had our photograph taken together. I so missed my family. I had been in Slaton for over a year and really hadn't bonded or had a good friend. It was just plain sad.

My sister Kim lives in sunny CA. I try and do a wedding or two out there once in a while so I can visit my neice and nephew and just plain keep in touch.

She's wonderful.

She wasn't always, but now she is. Of course, no one loves their sibling all the time, but when our parent's were going through a divorce (I was in 4th, she 5th) it was awful. Horrible. Miserable.

And we had each other.

We still do.

We talk almost every day and she is such a great human being and wonderful mother that I can't help but look up to her. She gets me through the tough days and I try and make her smile once in a while.

I love you Kim!

It's was her Anniversary on Sunday. She married Craig many moons ago and I love you both and wish you well! This blog post is dedicated to just you two. You are such great role models for me and our little family. You put God first in everything you do and always ask for his opinion and blessing. I think you two are fun, cool CA people without all that CA crap.

You know?

Give each other a hug and a kiss from me and I'll try and book a wedding soon and come visit!

I love you!

This is a shot I took at their wedding back in 1995.
And here they are from a "mini session" I took this past May when I was there for Mya and Chase's wedding. Aren't they just adorable!

If you know of a couple that is living the dream and loving each other every day, give me a call. Maybe they need a session to celebrate their anniversary!