a basketball weekend

Kalyn, my oldest daughter, had a BB Tournament over in Levelland all weekend. They finished up yesterday at Noon and lost to Frendship School for First Place. UGH! I video taped the game. Yes. Very hard to do, when you are trained for stills, but I did. And it was a GREAT Game, but many tears flowed as they lost in the final few seconds.

Kalyn played great and hustled and her game has so improved! I call her my "little munchkin" due to her size, but gosh she sure can shut them down on defense!

I'm also one of those embarassing moms that I'm sure many of you have sat next to at sporting events. You know the kind? Loud, sweaty, and full of opinions that the ref should hear? Yep. That's me. One of the reasons I stay on the floor with a camera, usually. When I'm photographing, I tend to keep my mouth shut. That so helps.

Here's a few from the weekend.

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