slaton tournament

summer cheering on her sister!

Kalyn played with her 7th Grade Cooper Team in Slaton this weekend for the Slaton Tournament. She did very well, but couldn't hit her shots, until the last game, for first place, when she swished a 3 pointer! Of course I went wild! And barked like dog, and I think her "shooting jinx" is over. (for the time being.)

Thought I would share a few from the weekend. You can see the rest of the photographs by clicking HERE. The images are SOC (straight out of camera) only re sized for web. I have clients to edit and no time for the personal stuff. So they will be a bit dark, however I'm getting better at this basketball thing. After several games, I've come to realize that the 85 and 50 are the best, and you just camp out on one end of the court waiting for it to happen. Some you get, and some are just poop, and then some, are AWESOME except the ref steps right in front as the shutter snaps. UGH!

**on a side note, I left my cell phone at the in laws and won't pick it up until after church today. Yipers! So, if you tried to reach me? I'll return your calls and emails on Monday.

the famous "knucklehead" stricklin

beka brown heading strait to the goal

I'd like to report that no foul was called on this shot. Seriously. But the refs can't see everything the camera does. Right? I guess.

Hanna played on 1.3 quarters and still managed to pull off 12 points. The girl was hot! She stayed off it for most of the tournament to come back on Saturday and play.

Slaton FW Shaley Pate catching some air and some major points against Hutch. Kalyn grew up playing on Shaley Little Dribbler's Team and being coach by her mom, Jennifer. This was such a treat getting to watch Shaley play and seeing how good she has become. Thinking we will hear and see alot of Shaley in our Sporting Futuer!

Ciara (hutch) and Shaley (slaton) fighting for the ball.

Britany going up against Lockney and Kalyn getting her back. Foul was called on this shot and if I remember correctly, bucket was made. Way to go, Brit! (otherwise fondly known as "peanut" by her mother. Hm....should I start calling Kalyn "seed"?)

Kalyn's layup against Lockney. Originally, when she asked if I got this, I thought I missed it thanks to a ref's butt, however, I got it, I just couldn't see her! Bucket made, I might add.

becca campbell heading for the goal