santa land

Summer had her Santaland debut Sunday evening and our entire family went, along with some cousins and friends. It was such a great relaxing evening. Our first in quite sometime. Life has gotten so extremely crazy for our little family. I was telling a customer at our video store today how 2004, (the year of my wreck) was preparation for this year! 2006 has been a rollercoaster of a year. So many ups and downs. Santaland was a nice way to just breathe for a bit. Well, for us anyway. Summer was nervous! She's been working on her piece with Cami Caldwell for quite some time, but I think it had been a year since she had sang in public, so of course the stomach was churning. It was a good run through for her Christmas Eve solo. Way to go Summer!

For you camera techno/freaks, I took all of these with my 5d and only one lens. My baby. The 85 1.8. All available light and no flash. YUM!

christmas party

oh, dear