the day after

I woke up with my right eye crusted over and feeling all achy and basically like poop. So, I ate a bowl of pickled garlic for breakfast and now my sinus are open enough to blog and enjoy my day. (I'm the computer and breathing on no one.)

We had a wonderful Christmas! I got to spend the majority of my day in pj's and hanging out at home, basically doing nothing. I did edit a bit on my computer, but only because I wanted to and NOT because I had to.

A very Merry Christmas.

We attended Mass @ St. Joseph and I love this part of our Holiday Season. Summer sang a solo during the caroling and did an awesome job! I love listening to her sing and NOT just because she is my kid. She is good. I hope she keeps her voice honed and always loves it!

The church looks empty at this point, but like all Good Catholics the arrive by the first reading. LOL

The rest of these photos are from Christmas morning at home. Santa brought many good things but my personal favorite was the Friends, DVD Scent It. Oh, and Gilmore Girls Season 6. Poor Devin, he just doesn't understand our passion sometimes. But that's OK. As long as there are 2 TVs in the house we are living in harmony.

Me Christmas Morning enjoying my cup of coffee. I do nothing without the coffee.

Summer and me. People say we look alike. Maybe we do, but my smile is real above and hers is totally fake. It's the "Christie Brinkley" in her. HA!

Kalyn and Summer exchange with each other every year. It's such a great thing to watch how excited they get! No one knows you like your sister.

Christmas gift from my Dad. Gotta love this!!! This is also the only shot I got of Devin. (his hand, anyway.) He hates having his picture taken.

My yummy pj's from Devin and the girls!

Last shot I took of the evening. We had Christmas Dinner at the in laws and it was SO good. Prime rib, green bean casserole, Jimmy Johnson Potatoes, fresh green salad, and homemade pies. Very yummy. It was about this time that I started feeling very congested and tired and achy. In-laws have very good couch for that!

This shot of the girls was too cute. my 50 1.4 and 800 iso. They were playing computer games in Grandma's office. Still in their PJ's! LOL

ever done this?

merry christmas everyone