christmas party


She's been my friend for several years now. You know the type? Come on girls. The one you can just pick up where you left off, and you always feel good around? The one that you can catch up with in a second or two and knows you and your history and doesn't judge. The one that would be there for you, always. And the one that will always tell you the truth when you ask. Well, that's Julie to me.

Anyway, her and Heath (her hubby) invited us to their Christmas Party this year and all we were required to bring was our BEST SANTA HAT. How fun! Deserts and drinks flowed!

I've been so swamped with work and orders and video store, and was worried, because I had to work all weekend at the store due to Jacqui's circumstances and employees needing off to celebrate family Christmas's. I really thought we weren't going to get to go.

But we did.

And I was so glad. (Special thanks to Capri Chapa for making that happen!)

The shot above is of Julie's house as we were walking up. Great festive feeling hit and I left "computer editing" and work behind and decided to have some fun!

Guess, fun greeted me right away! Check out this dude's hat! And you have to understand, he's about 6'6 and ducked down so I could get him in my camera's frame.

Happy Birthday Page! I was not prepared with the macro lens to capture the beauty of her birthday "bling bling". You can see just a glimpse of them here, (in the photo above) but way to go, Tracy! Lovely earrings.

So all of you won't feel inadequate with your personal photographs, what I'm sharing here with you, will make you feel on my level. Come on! I'm a pro, right? Well, if you are a blog reader, you remember that I recently upgraded to a full sensor frame with the Canon EOS 5d system. No built in flash like my 20d has, so when I'm out and about for personal use, gee....I forget to bring the 550. UGH! So, I resort to unexposed photographs that later need to be fixed and converted in PS. UGH! So, yes...even I take horrible photographs. But they are still worthy of my personal memories. And they still make me happy. And that's the main things. They should make you HAPPY!

Not a "creature was stirring" by the time we left, except for TACO BELL. YUM!

Merry Christmas, Julie! And thanks for inviting us for a fun, relaxing evening with friends!