melanie + joseph

I he makes you laugh like this, then marry him! And that's exactly what Melanie is going to do next June when she becomes "Mrs. Joseph Behnke". They are the cutest thing together! I spent a little time tonight getting to know them better and laughing a lot.

Engagements are so much fun. I get to hear the details about how they met, usually two versions, hear the little stories about things that happended on their first dates and just all the fun things about life that are romantic and new. I get refreshed.

Melanie and Joesph have a great first date story involving a couple in a trunk of a car, by the way. If you run into them, be sure and ask. Oh, and cuteness? That just seems to follow these two around, as did this adorable puppy who posed with them for at least 5 minutes before I shooed him on his way. I seriuosly think Melanie would have had him in the car if I hadn't.

It was a great Sunday afternoon, we had amazing light and just plain fun. Congratulations you two! I can hardly wait for the wedding!

my personal fav from today, above. yeah, right!