meet commissioner mark

This is Mark Heinrich. And last week we voted him precient 2, City Commissioner. I've never had a personal friend, run for office. And I'm thinking it is because I'm getting old. But Mark, and his wife Davia, have been good friends of ours for several years. Our kids have grown up together and I just love what they stand for and how much they just give from their hearts. They are good people.

Last week we all got together down at Citizen's bank and watched the results on the TV together to see if Mark would win. Of course he did! And for that I'm so proud and excited. But even more than that, I'm just glad to know him.

I didn't get to stay to the end. Too many pictures to edit and Summer was feeling a little sick. But I watched his LIVE INTERVIEW (you did good Mark) that night when I got home and was smiling the entire time. Here are some shots I took before I left.

Congratulations Mark! We'd love some pavement between our driveway and Woodrow Road. I'm sure you can manage that by spring. (winking, of cousre!)

This was too cute! Some of the children there got together and made up a "VOTE FOR MARK" cheer and persented it to us after dinner. I think Mark almost blushed. Very cute, girls!