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What fun! I can't type much because I'm late for work at Take One - Video, but last night was fun. Every year I keep thinking it may be Kalyn's last. Afterall, a 13 year old may not want to trick or treat next year. And that's fine with me. Maybe... I just love doing this with them.

We met Dalton and Kate and Ida Lee's and then the fun started from there! Kate was kitty kat and "meowed" her way through the night and at one point, Elizabeth and I heard a "hoo - hoo" from Dalton. I'm sure he was thinking of a dog or simply barking, or cheering from the excitement of trick-or-treating, but it was soooo funnny coming out of "Batman's mouth".

hoo hoo, Dalton!

Kalyn and Summer were wonderful and helped cheer me up. It's been a hard week so far and doesn't look any easier any time soon. But candy? and friends? and cousins? That will do it everytime. Thank you Kalyn and Summer for helping remind me of my blessings.

Oh, and the Settles house? Totaly came through again for us. I so wish I had taken a photograph to share here. Don and Lynette are a Halloween Tradition for us every year. We always stop by their house for Popcorn Balls and fellowship. They always have a housefull of wonderful smells and wonderful people! We love the warm hugs on a cold night and just feel complete and great after leaving.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Summer, as "thing 2".

Kalyn, as "thing 1". We've had these pumpkin treat bags for eons.

Summer brought this home from school today. I call it "Canon's dinner". Because 5 minutes after taking this photograph, he ate it. Yep. THIS IS WHY PHOTOGRAPHY IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!

Gearing up for the "trick or treating". LOL

Ida Lee and her "treaters". She's so sweet to let us invade her home every year! The kids so enjoy showing off their costumes.

Kate went as a kitty kat. Her tail was on a peice of elastic around her waist and didn't make sitting down the easiest. It was so cute to watch this little munchkin go from house to house!

Owlman and kitty-kat

I love this shot above! Can you see the reflection of the girl's blue wigs in the light? LOL I took this from the car.

This young couple under the shetts were trick or treating with United shopping bags and sheets. YES! No joke. Hers didn't even have eye holes! She ran into a mail box once. Seriously....

Mark Jones and Trina Schwertner (can't remember her married name right now.) They were hanging out at the Settle's house too!

Mark's crazy wife Christy. She was roller/disco Baby! Girl can skate, man!!!!

Fellow trick or treater.