I love it when I'm up late at night working on images and when a big batch is working over in PS, I get to blog. One of my favorite things to do.


I was discussing salvation at the dinner table tonight and earlier today, with a customer at my video store we were discussing exactly what happens to us when we die. Our bodies. Our souls.

Some believe we will immediately go to be with HIM. That just feels comforting. Some believe that we go into deep sleep mode. Dormant. Waiting. Sleeping. Util that day when the 7th trumpet sounds and the dead shall arise. Part of that 1000 year reign.

I'm not sure what I believe. I believe in HIM. It's proof evident to me everytime I look through a lens and look at what he's created. What he's given us. What he's done for us.

That's all I care about.

And the sleep part sounds pretty good too.