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a nap

I'm going to be in so much trouble if Devin reads this, but I'm uploading orders to a server and can't process any files, so here I am, blogging. (my guilty pleasure...right up there with Nelly and Usher)

Canon was taking a nap quite some time ago, before the "no dogs in the house" ban. And guess where? Yep. He perfers Devin's office chair.

I found him like this.

He hears the clicks and wakes up, thinking to his doggy self, oh, no...here she goes again with that black box.

why? why? I hate it when she points it at my privates. It's bad enough that she removed my man hood and now I hang out with the girl dogs all day, but she keeps pointing that black box at them. why?

I saw a cat do this once.

darn fleas

oh, that feels sooooo good

go get the long lens