kate's birthday

This is Kate. She just turned 4. She knows how to do the hokey pokey, talk on a cell phone and how to apply lipstick. She's quite the diva. So, how appropriate is it to have your 4th birthday at Dressin' Divas? It was too cute and too fun and the clothes? Way too small for real women, but hey, I have a camera and nothing but time.

The store had some really cool funky walls to use as backdrops and some cool hanging things to play with while the girls were getting made up.

the diva's in the dressing room admiring everyone's choice of colors. The feathers were a big hit!

Summer has a ton of hair so this was a BIG do for her! She didn't really think twice about it, and when I noticed her (instead of all the clothes) I realize her clean hair was teased HUGE and had green paint in it! AND she's got a 2 PM Basketball Game. Oh, well, it washed out. And a Diva can play ball, right?

Kate has always, always had a way about her. She's mature beyond her years in those eyes and such a precious spirit. I love just hanging around her and waiting for what happens.

Happy Birthday, Miss Kate. I'm so glad I could be there, and I'm so glad we are friends.


Cousin Kristin