genesia + jerry

This is (l-r) Kim, my sister, Genesia and Me. Summer of "many moons ago" and we were at my Mom's house in Northern California. Vacation! Probably the last real vacation I've had. Gosh, that's sad. But anyway, it was a wonderful vacation except for the part where Kim and I almost drowned Genesia. I won't go into too many details, due to the lawsuit and being liable and all. (teasing) but I'm so glad this spitfire between us made it! This weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing my cousin Genesia's 2nd wedding to the same guy, Jerry. I'll explain.

Their first wedding in my mind was always so romantic and lovely and just plain hot and sexy. He woke her up one day and said, "Baby, I wanna marry you today". So, they went down to the courthouse on got married. I thought, "how romantic!" But in reality, Genesia got sick with a stomach bug and Jerry got the truck towed! I had never heard that part of the story until this weekend.

So, here we are, October 14th, 2007 and they did it again! Vegas style! They wanted family and friends to help them celebrate and WE DID!

It was so much fun to see family again! I hadn't seen my Uncle Mel in years! (Genesia's dad) and to visit with my Granny. When you get my aunts and granny together it gets, 1) loud and 2) hilarious! We laugh the kind of laughter you do that forces your cheecks to ache and your stomach hurt! Seriously! And then of course there's always the Helton Danger of peeing your pants! (or britches as Granny refers to them.)

Here's some of Granny in action!

I'm laughing just looking at these again! We had eaten dinner at Cozymels and Mom and Granny were hoots! No alcohol involved, really. Okay, one or two margaritta's but seriously, even if I hadn't drank them, this still would have happend. I know these women. It always happens when you get Heltons together!

Back to the wedding. (I know you are reading this Aunt Debbie, and if I don't hurry, the phone is going to ring. And not that I mind talking to you, your wit and sarcasm always make me smile. Ü)

Genesia has totally grown up! Just look at her in these shots! She's long and lovely with the most amazing chocolate eyes and cute turned up nose. Oh, and the lips! Wonderful lips that people pay thousands of dollars for. Jerry, you hooked a good one. I hope you know that! These photos were snapped early Saturday morning at the hotel where the girls were getting ready. I think she had only slept maybe 3 hours and had no makeup on whatsoever. She's so lovely.

HUGE Cub fans! Yep. My cousins lives in Chicago and I'm so going there soon to visit. It's the one city I've always wanted to see and now I have a good excuse. HA!

Those amazing lips getting slicked up and ready for their big wedding kiss!

Getting her "eyes ripped". I think that's how she referred to the process?

The bride's favorite candy.

chatting with my mom

Her Maggie Sotoreo gown! So lovely with the gathers and jewels. At the moment this photo was taken, the room was a total mess at the Circus Circus. Ask anyone that was there at this moment. TOTAL mess. And by that I mean, busy-ness, kids screaming, girls not being able to breathe due to being bustled, people rushing....MESS! I love how simple and stunning her gown is just waiting for her. Despite the MESS!

messy proof, and I must confess, my favorite part of the day of all weddings. I love the RUSH right before, the nerves, all of it. Because eventually, you get the calm.

This is Miss Addisyn. Jerry and Genesia's baby girl. She just wanted her mom. But mom was in a gown, with makeup and a veil and it was hard enough to breathe let alone hold a child. But she did.

I love this shot of Genesia waiting for the hotel elevator! You can create amazing images without alot of fussy-ness. In everyday life, there's moments that are simply stunning and we forget them if we don't impress them. I choose to impress them visually. I love the way this shows off her gowns details in the "pulling up".

and the reaction of the hotel guests when the elevator doors open and they see a BRIDE!

I don't think Addisyn was impressed by it all. This is her on the way to the ceremony. Her dress was sliding all over that seat!

The results! Like I said, long and lovely.

Things get messy for the groom, too. First time to meet my cousin. The men's room at the ceremony site. HA! I love you Jerry for letting me get these photos of you! He had an amazing sense of style that day. I love the entire gansta themed tux, and the shoes were AWESOME! Jerry's on the right of this shot.

This one just cracks me up! And it did everyone there! It was such a wonderful ceremony. Full of laughter and tears and just REAL. That's the best way to describe it. Of course, I could be totally biased in my thinking, as my Mom performed the ceremony. But even if she wasn't my mom, I still think I would have felt that way. She knew them personally and kept it real. Made it special.

I love this shot! It had rained most of the morning, so to see the sun shining and for them to both be so happy and emotional! I love it!

Others were emotional, too.

The Happy Couple!

Mom, Granny, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Dave enjoying the reception!

Addisyn enjoying it, too! I love how fragile, and so sweet she looks here. That rich carpet just makes her looks so cherib like.

This was sooo cute! The DJ played "Going to the Chapel" and the entire room started singing! It was so fun! Of course, my spirited Genesia had to serenade her Gangsta Hubby!

The amazing cake!

and what they did with it!

Dancing with her Dad, my Uncle Mel. This is the guy who introduced me to the "spook light" in Joplin, MO and I couldn't sleep for a week! I thought he was so cool because he drove a black covertible, and of course, since he agreed to drive me around in it, I was cool, too. I almost pulled a Helton (peeing in my pants) just waiting on that dirt road for the spook light to appear and now that I think about it? I bet it was just an excuse for me to not look at him and my aunt making out. Hmmmm? Good one, Uncle Mel.

Jerry and his Mom.

My Granny danced with the bride and Aunt Debbie cheering her on.

Congratulations you two! I'm so happy I could be a part of this and be there for this emotional day! I had a wonderful time and wish you two the BEST of everything possible in this life!

Oh, and I'll need a place to stay when I visit Chicago. K?

View the rest of thier photographs HERE. Complete gallery up soon.

Oh, and family? I know you are reading this, so please, PLEASE leave comments and share the love with Jerry and Genesia!