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my first time at the fair

I'm pretty sleepy as I type this, but I just know Amanda and Kyle are checking every few minutes. (Click HERE to view their web page.)

Checking my blog.

Anxious to see.

And nervous! They were worried about what I would so and show. I don't want them to worry...it worries me. No worries!

I had so much fun tonight. I had my first time at the South Plains Fair. Yep. I was a "fair virgin". LOL

I had been once before with Devin, but it was to see a concert, not walk the midway, smell the smells and ride the rides. Tonight we rode the rides! And I can honestly say, I don't think I'm a ferris wheel type of person. Or Amanda either for that matter. But the things we do for the sake of love, passion, and art.

Here's the sneak peek you two. You did fab! Thanks so much!

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