mankin spears celebration

This is Ashley about an hour into her day. Phone attatched at ear, still handling all the plans and process of trying to get a wedding off the ground. And she did! Beautifully. I've never seen anyone, seriously...ANYONE book a videographer the day of their wedding. But she did! And they were great to work with.

Ashley and Adam have been together 12 years. And through 12 years you accumulate a tone of friends that love you like family. And that ton of their friends was there in full force celebrating to the max! It was quite a show to watch them and I enjoyed myself tons except for the quick jaunt/wrestle around the dance floor by one said such friend. (we won't go into the details at all, but let's just say, I couldn't shake my groove thing very well being held so tight.)

The wedding was wonderful, yet at times it was a tad bit stressful. People were late, and I was a bit rushed overall, but the everyone stayed happy and stayed focused on the main reason we were all together. To celebrate these two.

I've got a sneak peek up on their web site, just click HERE. The rest of the wedding will be available soon. Give me about a month to get everything up and present. I need some down time after this BIG bad boy! On to my favorites....(LATER...blogger is having some trouble and I have to go and pick up the kids.)

First Baptist had tons of scaffolding all around it, except for this one little stretch. Made it very difficult for guests (and me) to find the entrance, plus, robbed my lighting at doorways that I love so much. Was forced to stretch beyond what I normally do for natural light.

After hair, the girls spent the afternoon at Arllington Hall along with the flowers and amazing cakes. The photograph below is of just a fraction of the framed images that Ashley displayed at the reception. It was too cool! It made you feel like they were throwing this shing-ding in their own home. I love the idea of displaying old (and new!) favorite images.

Flowers were superb!

Okay, see the nice little lady above? Well, turns out she did Ashley's mom's cake 26 or 36 years ago, and is still creating! I will try and find out her name and information. I see a lot of cakes and I've never seen one like this one! It was over-the-top ELEGANCE! Each and every flower was created by hand. Painstakingly rolled out, cut and formed with her own little fingers. AMAZING!

I love this shot above of Ashley enjoying her "ride" to the church! She was like this most of the day. A wonderful smile that just lit up the room!

Find me in the shot above? I love playing with mirrors and angles and included this one here in hopes of "describing" the chaos of the bride's room. That's what they are... complete chaos. And I love every second of it!

The toasts were just how wedding toasts should be! Embarrassing, but not too much, sappy enough so you will tear up, but not bawl, and amusing enough that everyone's mood stays high and fun!

Congratulations you two! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this day.