cooper volleyball

Kalyn, my oldest "teenager"(gosh that is weird to type! I feel so old!! my only teenager...) juggled volleyball and soccer this weekend. The volleyball tournament was over in Brownfield. You can see the complete gallery by clicking HERE.

I've never photographed this game before and it was a bit tricky to be where you needed to be to get the shot. Not knowing the rules did not work in my favor either. What is with this rotation thing and figuring out who goes where? I could NOT keep up. Plus the game moves pretty quickly and I didn't do very well. But, I'll learn.

I'll keep learning if Kalyn keeps playing. She doesn't play much, but then again, she hasn't quite mastered the serve. So, when that gels, I'm sure her game will too. I mean, she's pretty good at everything she ever tries, so maybe I need to learn the rules?