steve and sarah got married!

What a day!

I'm not sure what state Sarah's family was from? The aunts? Oh, the aunts! They were so full of life and so much fun! Steve's dad, too. You know how you can be around certain people that just make you instantly feel happy? These people were it.

Steve and Sarah were married by her brother, Chris in a lovely ceremony at First Christain Church in Lubbock. Reception followed and it was just a great night!

Congratulations you two! You can view more of their images by clicking HERE.

I knew shortly into the bridesmaids luncheon that this was going to be quite a bunch of maids! Topics of conversation went from "going to Brazil" and that doesn't mean the country. (Think wax!) to the possibility of having your bones, after your dead of course, crystalized into a necklace for a loved one to wear around their neck. Needless to say, I had ample opportunity for photos!

Sarah and a few maids got their makeup done at the MAC counter . It was tax free shopping day in Lubbock on Saturday and the mall was CRAZY! Crowded and tons of people.

I love this shot of "sassy sarah". This is just soooo her! Always gamming it up for the camera. Too fun!

This is Heidi. I have a million other photographs of her prancing around, barking like a dog, chasing imaginary RATS, etc. But I love the quietness of this one. Such a precious spirit and handful all rolled into one! Good Luck, Ashley.

I won't go into too much detail about the night before with these guys. I will say that outdoors in the heat is not where you really want to be after what they did the night before. That's it. I'll stop there.

But despite the lack of sleep, Steve could still look good. Love those baby brown eyes!

This is instantly Happy Man! (Steve's Dad)

The bride's room at this church has tons of mirrors! I loved playing around with the angels and getting some cool stuff.

This was the first time at the Jones Stadium Club for me. Pretty cool place. The view is fantastic, if you manage to squeeze behind a shade, and the carpet actually has the TT logo in the thread design. Very cool.

Ceremony: First Christan Church
Officiator: C. fester Prose
Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Brenda Stanfield
DJ/Band: Joe Gonzolaz
Baker: Slaton Bakery
Caterer: Sodexo
Bride's Attire: MorLe

A special shout out to Brad and Layce who referred me to Sarah and Steve. It sure was great to visit with you last night and see how great the two of you are doing. Since we didn't have a first dance at your wedding, here's a special one for you two. Thanks!