sarah and steve (part 1)

It's wedding time again! Sarah and Steve are getting married tomorrow night at First Christain Church. The church known for the longest aisle in Lubbock. (Good luck tomorrow with that, k sarah?) I went to the rehearsal tonight to test out the new camera and boy! Am I ever enjoying it! I still have to get the parameters right and get used to the LCD screen. The 5d seems a bit yellow compared to my trusty 20, but once I get the settings down, it will TOTALLY ROCK!

Sarah's brother is serving as officiator and even though the bride was a fashionable 15-20 minutes, he managed to wrap everything up in under 20 minutes! Very impressed. Be sure and check back tomorrow. These two are going to have an amazing wedding!

Click HERE for Sarah and Steve's pictures.

The bride arriving fashionable late, however we quickly forgave her, because she looked so great in that black dress.

I think this is the groom's sister, otherwise known as "video lady".

First Christian has such a lovely structure about it. This was shot from the balcony and features the pipes from the organ. The couple that is doing the vocals were rehearsing and I got the chance to hear them. I'll get their names and post them tomorrow. They were AMAZING! (and I hear alot of vocalists. wink wink)