sally married jared!

And it was so much fun!

She always said whe would never get married, and I even heard a reference to "the black sheep of the family" in one of the toasts, but golly! Marry she did last night! And in such a FUN, BIG way!

Bright, citrus green and hot pink were the colors, and family and friends offered their time, love and support to help the couple celebrate. Her sister Lulu did all the amazing flowers and managed to do so on time. Her "Man of Honor", Jesse, offered his HOT car for the getaway and for photographs. I quickly fell in love with her and am now inviting Jesse to all my weddings! HA So many people helped pull this wonderful celebration together and it was just so muc fun!

You can view more of their images by clicking HERE, and the complete wedding will posted by by September 12.

Congratulations you two!