erica + sean

do they look ready?

I mean they?

They are getting married today! I'm due to meet Sean on the golf course this morning. And Erica will probably kill me for posting these shots here. But I just had to share how couples are so funny and how important it is to hire a photograher that "gets the moments". (ALERT: OM gosh! Is Kristin selling herself here? So outside of my element.)

The stress of the wedding plans can be so exhausting you just have to cut lose and go with the flow. The flow of "Sean" that is. He cracks me up. And I'm sure several of my shots today will be a blur do to the laughing at his antics, but it's so wonderful when you see a guy and a girl fall in love and share it and show it freely and acceptingly. (Is that even a word?) I mean, just look at the way he is looking at her here. Oh, I love it! Just melts the heart and gives you hope that the world will go on.

I was at their rehearsal last night and so enjoyed myself. My daughter Kalyn went with me and I'll share more of that later, but just wanted to post here, to share my day and to say how wonderful it is that, and simple really, that we reflect Him in our daily life. I love it!