The house is asleep. I'm here, trying to get the files downloaded and backed up in my computer and everyone is sound asleep. That's what you do on Sunday.

After you get back from the ER.

My youngest broke her arm.

She was playing basketball.

I was watching.

And now I'm crying as I type this.

Devin is asleep, Kalyn with him. She was ultra tired and worn out after witnessing her sister suffer miserable amounts of pain and not being able to help. Worn out.

Me? I'm not sure. I still have adrenline in me from Mike and Amy's wedding. I still have energy in me for some weird reason, after trying so desperately hard to hold it together and console my baby. My Summer.

I'm sure it will hit me later. It did a little when my sister called.

Hug your kids!

and say a prayer for mine.