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the elrod's

I love this family!

I met Monica and Jake back in 04 when I photographed their wedding.

I make up nicknames with other photographers about my couples so they know who I'm talking about when we discuss our weddings and sessions. Monica and Jake were my "HOT couple" for that year. They just fit together. Both very attractive and camera aware, or if not, they sure faked it great! And Monica has the greatest EYES that just reek with sexuality. But in the right way. Does that make sense? She's drop dead gorgeous and thinks she's a total goof. I think that's why she's such a joy to photograph.

Her and Jake were in town and it was the perfect chance to photograph their baby boy, Hunter. Who is an absolute cutie pie! But what would you expect? With parent's like this?


I had Monica call me when Hunter went down for his nap. I really wanted photographs of his hands and feet and chubby parts before he grows up and looses that sweetness. I took the photo above right after his wonderful, long nap. The kid was a snoozing!

She's gorgeous! Just look at the way she's looking at him! Love this!

It doesn't get any better than babies in onsies. Sheer perfection.

Hunter is cutting his 2 bottom teeth and he's such a trooper! The tongue just keeps going and going and going!

After a hair spiking, we headed to some ultra cool places for this little hipster.

this one cracks me up! Such attitude going on! With everyone! HA!

Thanks, Monica and Jake and especially Hunter! You'all were so much fun to visit with again and I'm so happy for you'all and that precious little boy! Yes, he's a flirt, but look what he has to flirt with? Melted my heart.