amy and michael (part 2)

Best thing to do right now is edit and POST! So, while the DVD's are burning, and my house is sleeping, I thought I'd share a "sneak peek" from Amy and Michael's wedding.

It was very emotional for everyone, I think. But not the sad kind of emotion where you are losing a daughter, or sad because someone is "growing up and leaving". More like a happy, joyful crying because heartfelt, and lifelong prayers were answered when Amy and Michael were pronounced "man and wife". They are perfect for each other and definitely on the right track.

A special part of the ceremony was a ring for Sidney, the groom's daughter and now Amy's. She was absolutely precious throughout the day and definitely the apple of several family member's eyes.

As mentioned before in their rehearsal post, this church is amazing! I let you look at the photographs and see for yourself.

Congratulations Amy and Michael!