amy and michael (part 1)

I made it home from an awesome celebration of family and love and spirit! Amy and Michael were wed Saturday at Midcities Church outside Amy's hometown of Midland. I haven't finished backing up all the files yet, and I have a basketball game to go to, (Go Rampage!) but I edited a few of my favs from Friday night and wanted to share.

The shot above was taken at the church. I'm not sure who the artist is or the name of the piece, but it is so beautiful and unique. I loved it! The entire complex has an amazing feel to it that just draws you in and keeps you there. I love this church! Such a great place to meet and worship God. (Not too mention it features God's light in such a lovely way for those of us that are into that sort of thing. HA!)

Amy and Michael posing for the family paparazzi!

Amy and her Grandfather.