year 10 at joyland

My youngest turned 10. Yep, you read that right. 10.

I'm still in my stunned, "I can't believe I'm a mom of a 10 year older phase" (not to mention the "Oh my gosh! My oldest is 12 stage". And I'm not happy to even be blogging about this. But the purpose of this place is to share my life so you have a glimpse of what I am about and then think, "Gee...I'd hire her to photograph my family.

(insert also... my wedding, my baby's birth, my graduation, my amazing wedding that I'm having next month, that lasts an entire week in Paris!)

So, we've always had BIG blowouts at our house where we invite all of our friends, (none being our childn't best friends, of course) and party into the wee hours of the morning and she receives gifts she doesn'treally, nor knew she even wanted, and we are exhausted from it all and wonder the next day why we did it.

I thought for sure she'd want to celebrate her 10th birthday just like that again. I mean we always do that. But still, I aksed her what she wanted to do, just in case. Her reply was, "I just want my best friend from Slaton, Lindsay, to meet my new best friend from Cooper, Hannah."

That was it.

Easy peasy.

Until Lindsay canceled. It really wasn't her fault. Family vacation and the only time Mom could get off work.

So, instead of slumber party, it was JOYLAND!

Even better.

This is Hannah and she still made the slumber part of the party and Summer was so excited to see her! We had a Tri County BB Game to attend to first, but these two didn't care as long as they had each other! (and $2.50 from Kalyn's gym bag to spend at the concession stand.)


Check out the new Crocks from Big sister Kalyn! They happened to match Hannah's perfectly and that was such an added plus. Great gift and a great place to wear them. I snapped this little gym shortly after a wet ride on the log ride. Summer had to dump the water out of her new shoes.

On the Music Express.

Thinking Hannah would rather be anywhere else but here right. In a few minutes, Kalyn would rather the 2 of them not squish the 10 pieces of spinach pizza out of her, she ate at Cici's 30 mintues before getting on this ride. It was a doozy! Just ask Devin. He had to endure my wieght presses against him and not in a fun, sexy kind of way!

Chief and Grandma made it and even rode a few rides. A few. You know they came totoally out of love, cuz they ain't the Joyland kinda ridin' types.

Dalton and Kate came to the party. They are cousins and we wanted them to be a part of this day. Kate had a blast riding the rides with her mom and really enjoying the entire Joyland expeirence. They stamped our hands opon arriving with the word F U N. It was intended to allow admittance back into the park should you so choose to leave. Dalton, would have chose to leave and really didn't need the "let me back in part". The kid just wasn't going to ride a darn thing. Even the train.

At least not until Mom made him, kicking and screaming the entire time. I think even a few undercut, low back punches were given to the kidney area, but Elizabethe handled them like the true heavy-weight mother she is. I love that about her. She's not afraid to make her kid have FUN.

Kate's hands during the ride. A bit nervous in the dark tunnel that hit right after the graveyard.

Dalton's hands.

Gripping Devin's pinky with the death grip of fear as the train rounded the bend! Approaching speeds of I know, almost 10 MPH!

I love this look Kate gave. She totally gets her brother. It's like, I know I'm the baby, but geez...check the dude out compared to me. I'm just so much braver.

You go Kate!

Summer blowing out her candles. Wonder what she wished for?