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mandy and josh (part 1)

I'm in San Angelo this weekend for the wedding of Mandy and Josh. Mandy is Monica's sister, who got married with me photographing her, 2 years ago. Almost 2, right?

Anway, Jake and Monica have a baby, now. His name is Hunter. Such a cute little chubby thing! Even if he is having a bit of trouble with all the traveling and people. Love the "faux hawk" he's got going and I'm sure today, at the wedding, he'll look so good in that tux.

We had a very special time last night and one that normally doesn't include me, the photographer, but as with all special times, you feel just blessed to be a witness, let alone a participant. The girls, (and me) stayed together at the hotel last night and had such a wonderful time, lifting Mandy up in prayer and fellowship! This couple has the ammo they need, which is God in their lives, and in their families' lives. The love in the room last night was almost overwhelming! Such a great night. Thanks, McKee family for "filling me up" for my wedding season this year!