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kathleen and john (part 1)

I'm in Dallas this weekend photographing Kathleen and John's wedding. I met John at Emily and Jonathan Alexander's wedding a few years ago. He was the BIG best man, and now 2 years and about 55 pounds lighter, he's professing his love to Kathleen and I'm invited to document. I couldn't be happier about that.

I made it the church last night for rehearsal and found out, that for the first time in 4 years of doing this, I GOT THE TIME WRONG! Talk about panic. Talk about curse words! Oh, my. I flew down Northwest Highway to Maggiano's Little Italy, which is where, after many phone calls to Kathleen, I discovered where the couple and their families where.

They graciously accepted my apology, and understood and still fed me wonderful food and amzing Italian coffee! You know me and coffee! What forgiveness and grace was bestowed upon said wedding photographer!

Kathleen, we've decided, has ballet arms. Amazingly graceful, she comes to the grace naturally. She holds herself in a manner you can't help but admire and love. I could watch her all night and am thrilled to spend the day with her tomorrow! (John, you are quite the guy, too! Don't want you to think the love is NOT there!)

This is Emily and Jonathan. They were married in 2004 in a lovely mass that had the hairs on my arms standing up and chill bumps from the glory of the choir in the balcony. They've been living abroad in Rome and only returned in the past few weeks. Emily has a passion for photography and I'm excited she's back stateside. Lots of good conversations about aperatures and shutter speeds will be in our future. And last night at the table, we had to reel it in a bit, or we would have been excluding the other guests. This is Jonathan's neice, Emma. Adorable, dimply legs that make you want to love all over her!

John, placing the pearls he gave his future wife, on her neck.