a busy day

My life...

  • wake up around 8 am after staying up until 3 am reinstalling software on my computer after a factory reset.
  • start again on computer, while pot of coffee is brewing. Still wearing pj's. Manange to get things up and running and finish editing Erica and Sean's session. A few files didn't back up to the hard drive and I had to get them done TODAY. She's waited long enough. (You can see them HERE.)
  • start laundry...see below
  • house keeper and assistant manger from Take One Video arrives. We chat a bit. (her name is Casey and my dog Canon loves her more than me. He should, I haven't paid any attention to him in days...computer woes, remember!)
  • feed kids whatever I can scrounge out of the fridge. Haven't grocery shopped in days and most of the fruit and bread is way beyond bad. Manage to find some cantelope and crackers and 2 slices that will work for the good old, PB&J's.
  • oh, forgot...helped Kalyn bake cinamon roles for breakfast and must clean sticky counters first, before house keeper arrives so she won't think I'm a horrible housekeeper. What the? Why are we like this? Cinamon rolls? Yummy!
  • start organzing and doing things to help Casey clean my house. Silly really, she can clean it regardless of what I do before, but I feel I should fold some laundry and start stripping the sheets off the bed. It's the FEMALE Guilt thing that we female's have. Totally sucks.
  • Phone starts ringing. Cell phone that is and I can't get it to stay connected nor answer. It is tethered to my computer trying to Active Synch so I can actually return phone calls I've been receiving.
  • continue working while breaking up fights between two hungry and cranky kids
  • realize I don't have my ftp software installed so I can't upload photos to website
  • ugh
  • upload software
  • head to Kalyn's BB game
  • sit through frustrating game due to bad officiating (what's new?) and return 3 phone callse in between time outs and crazed parents.
  • spend 15 minutes nursing hurt feelings (and pissed off ones) of 12 year old who hates to lose. Bit my tounge at least 15 times during her rolling of the eyes. Good Golly! How did my Mom quit from smothering me in my sleep?
  • go grocery shopping. Remember, there's no food in the house and I'm sick of feeding my kids junk. It's the guilt thing again. My kid lost the game and I feel somehow, it's my fault. I didn't really cook today. She couldn't play her best on what I fed her! Come on! I need to get with it. What the? Why do we do this to ourselves, women?
  • cook full dinnner for family while watching recorded soccer game. OH, and while I cooked I managed to get erica and sean uploaded, and start on the Cohen Family shots. Not too mention bookmark a few of my favorite blogs.
  • read outloud to each child, Kalyn is reading a Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Summer, is reading Black Beauty. While they are in the shower and getting ready for bed, talk to husband. About the game. The game we just watched. The game we've already discussed. Several times.
  • look at dirty dishes on table and in sink. Decide they can wait, I need to check emails and finish my diet coke. The ice is just the right temp to soft crush between my teeth and not very watery. Love it when it's like that!
  • finish blog
now what?