sally + jared

Many of my clients I meet for the first time at the engagement session. With computers, fax machines, internet, PDA's...we can pretty much plan everything before we ever set eyes on each other! So, I always envision in my head what they look like, or maybe they start a blog or website and I can see snapshots there, but I never really get the full picture, sort of speak.

Tonight I got to meet Sally and Jared. They are getting married this August and after spending some time with them together, in the same space...well, let's just say the wedding will be sooooo HOT! They are cute, sexy and best of all, fit together very nicely in the composition of my camera. I so enjoyed photographing them. Even if Sally wouldn't beam that huge "julia roberts" smile at me. HA! You so need to girl! It's perfect on you!

Sally is in the fashion field of hair and makeup for sure. She had an aura about her that just blended very well with Jared's cool cut and nice jeans. They made my job so easy. If only the wind would have made it easy, too. Oh, well, we found a way to embrass it, and just keep on shooting!

Thanks, you two. I'm really looking forward to the wedding. Oh, and 24?