mandy + josh

Mandy and Josh are getting married this summer. I photographed her sister's wedding in 2004 and met Josh then. Here we are, 2 years later...

We had so much fun, especially me. They are so cute together the first few minutes you get them into position. You see, Josh is a performer, so he knows what he looks like outside of his body and to others around him. Which, translated, is soo cool because I never have to tell him how to stand. He's always in position. Loved it!

But throw in another person to his stance, and it takes him a bit. And Mandy? Well, they would look at each other and figure it out and that when I would snap the most! Sooo cute when they fidget. But mostly? They would just be together and those are my favorites. When they hit their zone and simply BE. That's the best.