the wedding

Wow...what a weekend! I'm only now, on Tuesday, finding the time, (and the energy) to post a few from Yvette and Carlos's wedding weekend. I made it home Sunday, but needed a day or two to keep this little gem to myself. I guess I just wanted to reflect on everything that happened. It was such a wonderful wedding. A few tears, lots of laughter and tons of DANCING! I was so fortunate to be a part of this day!

We started with the usual beauty preparations. The salon and makeup went well enough and then once back home the chaos of the day arrived! Everyone was scrambling to get ready in time, so, my assistant, Jodel dressed the bride! We didn't mind at all of course, and this provided ample opportunity to photograph her in those amazing sleeves. I loved her sleeves.

I always have favorite parts of each girl's dress. The part that makes it unique and special, and of Yvette's dress, it was the sleeves. They were so elegant, and airy...the really added to her elegant look. You did good, girl...especially off the rack!

Rich in culture, the ceremony was lovely, even if there were a few mix-ups, due to communication with the priest. Oh, my gosh... coins, lasso, flowers for Mary. And the singing from the choir was a nice and not typical touch.

From Salsa bands, to Mariachi singers, to wonderful food and an amazing city view...the reception had it all and El Paso welcomed the blonde headed photographer from West Texas. Everyone was very warm and friendly and fun.

Congratulations you two! I had a wonderful time!!

wedding: Immaculate Concepcion Church
reception: El Paso Club
band: Azucar