nail biters, rejoice!

I've been a nail biter my entire life. Or at least as long as I can remember. And my good friend Melanie, (and blog reader!) encouraged me to try the stuff she uses. She has those amazing, strong, pretty finger nails that always seemed polished and oh, so healthy. Kinda like the Jergens hand ladies nails, you know? Well, I never made it by the beauty supply store, and she was apparently tired of looking at my horrible, poor, little nail beds. She surprised me on Sunday by buying me my first supply. Wasn't that so sweet! She's just that kind of person.

Well, I'm happy to report that the stuff works! It's really rather simple.

  • start with clean, square filed nail
  • put on coat of foundation
  • put on 2 coats of polish
  • finish with top coat
Melanie did tell me to reapply the top coat once per day to discourage chipping and after one week, remove all polish and start over. The base coat has some sort of ingredient that strengthens your nail and help them to grow. After 2 full days, I'm happy to report, no chips and my nails do feel stronger. Not that I've stuck them in my mouth to find out. Ha! Thanks, Melanie!