mini session with my girls

I've been itching to shoot. My 20d, which is my main camera is in the shop and I'm stuck with my old 10d, which is YUCH compared to the former, but I'm managing. I gave a quickie interview to for a blurb about "Photographer of the Day" and I mentioned that I like to sleep with my 85 lens. Well, mentioning that made me yearn, literaly YEARN in my loins, to shoot wide open with beautiful light. My living room has huge floor to ceiling windows that point south, which all natural light lovers know, is prime lighting. These are what I managed to squeeze off in 20 minutes or so, of my girls and of course our dog, Canon. If you are on the floor you are in his world. His domain. So, lots of lickey kisses.

You can read my online interview HERE. Scroll down to the bottom for "all about me". Excuse the spelling mistakes. I honestly thought they would edit them. Seriously...and some aren't even mine. Such is life and this only points to my motto that used to be a screen saver on my main PC...if you want something done, do it yourself. Should have used that in the interview, huh?