Ida Lee's Birthday

Last year, I missed Ida Lee's 90th birthday celebration. I had a wedding to photograph. Because my job is conducted prominently on Saturdays, (not very many of you want to get married on a Wednesday, even though I usually have that evening free...hee hee) I miss out on a lot of family gatherings. It's sad, really, because when theis family gets together, it's FUN. Lots of FUN. It was a reat treat this year to be there and share in the excitement of another year with Ida Lee!

Her brother DJ and his wife, Nell were there. That made the evening especially nice. And we all helped with the meal, even though David had the hard part. RIBS. They were soooo good. The kids, (Kalyn, Summer, Dalton and Kate) had a wonderful time playing together, so that freed up the parents to really enjoy each other. Enjoy the wine, the food and the fellowship.


After the dinner, Ida Lee shared her favorite cable program with us., Big Joe's Polka. I'm not kidding. Apparently twice a week you can tune into Big Joe and all the Polka bands he features. Apparently this is a BIG hit in the upper Midwest. NOT that there is a thing wrong with it! The music is lively, and "hoppy" and the outfits the dancers were are soooo much fun to make fun of, Elizabeth and I had a grand time, doing just that. It was better than an Adam Sandler movie for me, and I'm sure he would have had a field day on this. But to see Ida Lee enjoy it and even get up and dance a few, well, that just made Big Joe dear to my heart, for a lifetime. Thanks Joe.

Wanted to share a few photographs with you. Family is so important that please, no matter how tired you are, no matter how much wine you've had to drink with your in-laws, please photograph these moments! You will love having the memories to look at one down the road.

If you would like to see the rest of the "party pics", just click HERE.

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mini session with my girls