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Meet Father James.

I had the pleasure of spending my Tuesday morning with Father at his home in Mercy Center. Busy fellow by body and spirit, he's always planning his next project, which usually involves some dirt and hard labor. He's never one to shy away from the work zone.

Father was a priest in my parish, St. Joseph for several years before he retired, and he's always soft spoken and exemplifies such a kind spirit. In photography, we look for male models with angular faces and square jaws. Bold masculine faces that jump out at you make you feel a sense of strength. That was not Father's face one bit. As he told me, "my mother gave it to me", when I inquired about his blue eyes and round face. It's a soft spirit that surrounds you the second you are in his presence. And you are simply happy.

I know he doesn't have time for "blogs" and keeping up with my whereabouts, but I know friends of his that do. So, to you'all, please thank Father when you see him. Give him a hug and tell him I enjoyed his blue eyes. But most of all, tell him thank you for the song. It's always my favorite when he sings it.

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