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Many of you know Canon, my dog. This is what he does most of the day when I'm working at my computer. He rolls, sighs, yawns, moves very little...and mostly, soaks up the sun. I'm working on Melanie + Brancent's session on the laptop, while finishing up the editing on wendy + dave's wedding on the main PC. One of my goals for 2006 is to be quicker on the editing and the turn around times for reprints. It's hard when you are a "one woman show", but I strive for the best for all my clients and in doing so, it sometimes takes my full, devoted time, instead of "juggling". So... It's been a wonderful year! I've met so many amazing people that wouldn't have come into my life had I not picked up my camera. So many emotions go on at weddings, feelings that you didn't know existed in your heart. Everyone has been so wonderful to allow me to glimpse those feelings and to try and cement them forever by taking photographs. I thank each and everyone of you for allowing me into your lives. Even biefly. I feel so priveledged. I tell people all the time when they ask about my work, that I have the BEST job in the world. And it is the best job, for me.