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the brides

I never get to post the brides. It's one of my favorite parts of this job, spending hours with a girl, all dolled up like a greek goddess or princess and we go and play somewhere inside and outside, and I get to hear about make up, underwear, cute shoes, and just basically, totally be a girl! I love bridals!

But because most brides do NOT want anyone seeing them in their dress before the big day, I never post photographs here.

I thought it would be fun if over the next few days, I spend some time sharing the many brides I've photographed this year.

I'll start with Andrea, who married Terry last year in February. You can see her full session HERE.

Location: Watson Building and The Bishop's Espiciallan Center
Dress: Not sure, but the sleeves were simply amazing!
Something to note: Andrea and Terry were my first Greek Orthodox wedding. Very symbolic and beautiful and LOTS of singing. Oh, and she has fab hair! Love the color!

I always try to snap a few of those who come and watch! In this case, Terry's mom and Andrea's mom. (who I just ran into at Barnes and Noble last week!)