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amarillo wedding

Melanie and Brancent were married today! It was a lovely ceremony, with lots of emotion and so many family and friends. I heard Mom worrying as the guests were filing in, about the food at the reception. It's wonderful that so many family and friends wanted to see them get married.

An especially emotional part for everyone was when Melanie presented a necklace to Kate, Brancent's daughter. She started by mentioning something about not being her biological mother but that always loving her. The tears just started flowing! All across the sanctuary, the tissues came out and the noses started sniffling. Such a moment!

Ceremony: Paramount Baptist Deaf Church, Amarillo TX
Reception: Ambassador Hotel
Minister: Darrell Bonjour
Wedding PCoordinator: GayLynn Bonjour
Florist: Sharon Latham
Baker: Cakes n More by Trudy