2 dogs, a sweeet motorcycle, and a priest

My youngest daughter Summer Zoe was sick last week. I book sessions typically a week or two in advance, and I had to bump everyone a few days in order to stay home and take care of her. I try to make sure the priorities are in order.

Monday, I had the chance to photograph the dogs, their owners, Stephanie and Nate and Nate's R I D E. Only way to describe this honey is to show her! An amazing bike! It features things I can even talk about, most of all including a shower toy that Stephanie suction cups to the bike in order to park her skinny butt there and have her man take her for a ride. They moved to West Texas this past fall and are loving the expeirence so far. I came for love, they came for business. They own and operate a branch of newenough.com called "Hard Parts".

The dogs were absolutely precious. And I must say, much better behaved than most 2 years olds. Glad I got to know just a bit about them. Wishing now I would have photographed Elvis. Yep, you read me, Elvis. Maybe another time.

Thanks, Nate and Stephanie!

Stay tuned for the priest.