my dad came to visit

and beleive it or not, I had to work. AT THE VIDEO STORE. Big bummer. Seems the stomach bug was going around Slaton and one of my employees was not going to work. She called, I went. Dad drove in, let himself in the house and made himself at home, my insistence of course. We had a great visit! He lives in Kentucky and I don't get to go there as much as I need to to or want to for that matter. So, I was really not planning on doing a thing when he got here.
  • card games, Phase 10 mostly
  • played several games of "one on two" BB and HORSE and anything else that involved our 1/2 court and basketball goal.
  • went to Tinseltown and watched the movie Narnia, which was so beautiful and well done that I would see it again and again!
  • listened to Dad's new Christmas CD and some of the tracks on his up and coming CD, although my stereo sucks and we couldn't get it to play very well.
  • played on the laptops and computer and even set up a blog for dad!
  • laid around the house being lazy and staying in our PJ's all day. (Okay, so that was me and not them, but still, I loved it.)
  • visited constantly and tried to get caught up on every day things you miss in each other's lives and basically just thorougly enjoyed each other's company.
  • realized Mimi has an inner thing going with "biker chicks". That woman can RIDE!
  • cried when we read the sweet notes they left for us the morning they left.

Here's just a few of the images I took while they were there. Can't believe it was such a short visit. And once again, I had a wedding. Must go back to KY for a visit really soon. Anyone getting married in Kentucky?

Summer, putting on her best face for a chance at Phase 10. The girl can pout!
my 2 professional models, mugging for the camera

the winning hand?

the crew posing for an after game shot

the real game begins! Can't belive you didn't let the girls win, Dad. Come on!

Of course they still wore you out.
Don't feel bad, they do me too.