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Christmas with Wisconsin

Great Grandma with all her Great Grandkids!

Every other year we celebrate Christmas with Devin's family from Wisconsin. This year was no different. We pigged out, played games and exchanged gifts with the Traditional Chinese Chirstmas. This bunch has so much fun playing together! We hate for it to end, but very quickly, the babies start to fall asleep and the evening comes to a close.

Monica, Laura, and Valerie

Jack, in his tought man, mood!

Ashlyn and Kate with Kate's new Princess CD! Boy, did she need some new tunes
after 15 minutes. Shame I can't beam her a few files from my phone.

Jason, listening to Frosty say "Happy Birthday".

Ashlyn, my goddaughter, already sick of me and my camera.

her twin sister, Megan, apparently a vain little child that LOVES
to be photographed. Hey, Emily and Jason...can we switch?

Grandma hitting the egg nog!

Marcus and Bridgette

me and Jack
this is what the Holidays are all about!

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