amarillo has trees see, all fall I've been "2 weeks early". I photographed a wedding in Wisconsin, back in September, and I was 2 weeks early from seeing the trees turn. Everyone was kept saying in that adorable, nasal North tone, "yep, just wait and see it 2 weeks from now. It's will be peak time for tree turning."

Next, I head to North Carolina, and guess what? 2 weeks early. Then Tyler, TX. Again, 2 weeks early. I had just about forgotten about fall completely and then...

I'm driving to Amarillo to photograph Melonie and Brancent. They are getting married in January, and guess what I found out in front of the Prebysterian Church? Yep! TREES! Glorious Red, Fall TREES!

Thanks Melonie and Brancent for showing me that little "corner" of Amarillo. I had a wonderful time capturing the two of you together in the freezing cold. And despite the pigeon feathers and that rustling sound I can't get out of my head now, it was a nice escape from my everyday view. Much needed.

Someone once told me the drive to Amarillo from Lubbock is a good time to think. I agree. And I think it was great.