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What kind of name is that exactly? I don't really get it, but after meeting him you can't think of any other name to call him. I photographed the Spray Famiy last night, in honor of Permaguard. (I hope I'm spelling it correctly Toni.)

Perm is very stately, and elegant like a "guard", however, the perma part, I haven't gotten used to. I keep trying to call him "Bo-reguard". As if he was some sort of wrinkled hound dog. So, not.

When I first met him, he stuck his nose in my crotch and begged me to pet him. Not unlike many college men I know, but something about Perm was different. He didn't care much about the end result, other than the petting. And he did it in sort of a gentlemanly fashion. He would stand for hours, if you would simply pet him. Charming, huh?

Oh, and the cute female with Perm in the red bow is Patience.

I had a wonderful time Toni. And I'm so glad you called me.

Love you'all!

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