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They were supposed to be the dreaded, "2 headed spider" and we were prepared to do just that. Tape their black, leotarded bodies together and spend countless hours braiding our hair in to mind bending spikes. You know...Really scare the neighborhood and enjoy Halloween to the fullest. But plans are made to change and that's what happened. Casey, it seems had a baby calf, "Moo Boo" who was just a few days old and needed bottle feeding. Laura and Mary Ingalls to the rescue! Aunt Barbara had made these outfits a few months back for the girls, and it was easy as pie to whip 'em out of the closet and go feed that calf.

After "Moo Boo" was full, a quick drive to town and it was :"trick or treating" with the cousins. (Otherwise knows as "the Bride" and "Red Power Ranger".) A big tradition with this bunch has been to always visit Grandma and Great Grandma. Can't buck tradition when it includes chocolate goodies.

Happy Halloween!