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lindsay + carl

Married on a Friday, moving on a Sunday.

Meet Lindsay and Carl. I'm in Wisconsin this weekend photographing their wedding. The date was moved once, due to the United States Army. Yep, Carl's an enlisted man, and there's simply no time for honeymoon! They have to report to Fort Killeen next week. When you are in love like this, though...you just don't really care about "the honeymoon". Being together is the most important part.

My very good friend, Jodel, is Lindsay's aunt. Jodel has 2nd shot for me at several weddings, so when she announced Lindsay's and Carl's engagement, I of course, wondered if we could photograph it. I was thrilled to be a part of their weekend, and excited to meet all the people Jodel talks about.

We were a great team this weekend! I wanted to get a sneak peek up for everyone before we head home Sunday. The entire weekend revolved around good food and family. I ate "flip flop" chicken for the first time, along with "calico beans". Both very yummy. I also got to meet a wide array of people from the town Police Cheif who looks like he coud live in Texas, black cowboy hat and all, to a 63 year old grandmother with a belly button ring! Go Kathy!

Other things I've noticed since I've been here...
  • trees are beautiful, however, by this time next week, awesome! We'll miss the major turning, but the tease was still sweet.
  • all small roads lead to another. Towns are close around here. Just a few miles up the road and you can go from Fredric to Webster or back down the road to Siren
  • the old RR tracks have been pulled up and turned into bike trails in the summer and snowmobiling trails in the winter. Way cool!
  • After a while, you get used to the speech. Wow! They really do talk different. It's mainly with the vowels. And I'm sure I sound a bit silly as well.
  • Jodel and her Mom have a cute, strange little "hair relationship" that I got to witness first hand over the weekend
  • They grow them tall her in Wisconsin and they love to kill animals and display them in their basements.
I'll think of doezen more things that have happened and I hope I write them down somewhere so I never forget my first Wisconsin Trip EVER! I've been so pleased with the people and the way they talk, they way they share. Most of all, I love they way they have a real love for one another. Nothing is put on or showboated. You are what you are here, and they take you as you are, too.
Congratulations you two! And remember what I said about your first born. I wasn't teasing.